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As a pioneer of young OL business fashion, Lily adheres to the concept of perfect integration of fashion and business.With a fresh, bright, modern and simple style, Lily designs business clothes that are suitable for business occasions in areas Urban

Strong, feminine, modern and bright is the main product style of the Lily brand. Inspired by the modern art van, the designer combines with surrealism, the modern era, Byzantine art and other fashion trends to create a unique business fashion aesthetic with a clean silhouette, creative colors and prints.

Lily Business Fashion has opened more than 700 brand stores in China, including 270 cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan, and has opened more than 70 retail stores in 10 foreign countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore and Kuwait.

The Lily brand successfully landed at Inter Milan Fashion Week, German CPD and other international fashion events, and won the New Designer award at Milan Fashion Week, becoming a new fashion brand in the international fashion circle.


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